WE ARE EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THAT BUDDY'S BURGERS BREAST AND FRIES
                                                                         WILL BE MANNING THE COLT'S SNACK BAR FOR THE 2014 SEASON

                                                                                                                                          WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?
                                               IT MEANS THAT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO PURCHASE
                                                                                                                                      ALL SAURDAY HOME GAMES!

                             Practices will be on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday evenings at 6pm.

** Rose Tree Colts Night at Iron Hill Brewery is this Monday!  Stop by and grab a bite to eat.  20% of your food bill will go back to the Colts.**
Please see Donna, Amy or Michele for Designer Bag Bingo tickets.  You can also purchase them at the apparel table at practice or the games on Saturday.

We are home on Saturday (10/25/14) against the Haverford Fords
Game schedule:
9:00- Travel Flag
9:00- 80 JV
10:30: 100 JV (Homecoming) We will be holding the Homecoming festivities for the 100 JV players right before their game this week!
12:00:  80 Varsity
1:30: 100 Varsity

At the end of all JV games, we are asking the players to turn in their helmets, shoulder pads and jerseys at the equipment shed. At that time, you will have the option of purchasing your child's jersey for $15.00.   We will have another date for you to turn in pants and practice gear that will be announced.  

As long as the weather holds out, we will be holding a 50/50 at the games this Saturday to benefit one of our Rose Tree Colts' families.  50/50 tickets will be available at the apparel table.

We are asking for everyone's help this weekend.  On Saturday and Sunday, we have our Acme Collections Drive.  This event is VERY important to our organization as it raises a lot of money for us.  We are looking at purchasing new uniforms next year and we will depend on the money raised from this event.  As a reminder, parents were not required to volunteer any of their time this year, as they have been in year's past.  We need people to step up and offer up some time one of the two days this weekend to stand with their child in front of Acme and ask for donations.  Here is the link to sign up for a time slot:  We appreciate your help with this important fundraiser.


           Congratulations to William Zamulinsky, winner of this year's Colts Award. 
       You are an inspiration to us all!!! Thank you for being a part of the Colts family

      - Colts apparel will be on sale this week at the field during practice.
      -Please remember we are lucky enough that Rose Tree Elementary lets us use this wonderful field and they have a                few  new rules we must follow.
     - No Smoking
     - No pets
     - Please at the end of night pick up all trash and help empty trash cans in the dumpster behind the clubhouse..

The goal of our organization is to provide a safe and productive environment that enables children to
learn and apply the principles of teamwork, discipline, dedication, and sportsmanship. We facilitate the
development of strength and character in every child that participates.
We are sustained by the efforts of volunteers who display an extraordinary amount of commitment
and hard work, ensuring that our league is a positive influence in the lives of our children. We also
strive to provide a service to our community by providing a healthy outlet for children,
opportunities for the community to gather together, and endless hours of entertainment.
Rose Tree Colts Organization provides all equipment for football players, including game
and practice jerseys. The only equipment players are required to provide are cleats (spikes)
and athletic supporters (cups).

Games are usually on Friday evening, Saturday or Sunday depending on which weight class and
experience level (Varsity or JV) team your child gets placed on. Weight classes are as follows:

Flag: ages 5 & 6
80 lb: ages 7 & 8
100 lb: ages 9 & 10
120 lb: ages 11 & 12
150 lb: ages 13 & 14

The age cut off date is June 30th of the season year. So, for example, if your child is 8 on June 30th,
but turns 9 on July 2nd, he or she is still considered an 8 year old player or cheerleader and would
be placed on the 80 lb team.

Any inquiries for the Colts organization can be forwarded to the following:

FOOTBALL: contact Kevin Skowronek at:

CHEERLEADING:  contact Chris Hoffman at:
Find us on Facebook at:

                               SINCE 1955
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